ARCH 413 (Professional Practice) Spring 2017:  Ivan Doig Archive: Voices & Vistas

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MSU Library worked with Architecture Professor Mike Everts and his Professional Practice students to conceptualize an exhibit space to showcase the Ivan Doig Archive at the Big Sky Country State Fair in July 2017. Specific elements of the project included:

  1. Work with MSU Library to conceptualize types of engagement people will have with Ivan Doig exhibit
  2. Identify material and labor capacities of fairgrounds in order to incorporate available resources and inform design
  3. Identify material and shop expertise of first summer session to incorporate available resources and guide design
  4. Create visualizations for MSU Library to review and help guide exhibit design
  5. Complete design and drawings that incorporate Fairgrounds and Architecture Shop capacities for material donations and volunteer labor

Students involved on the project: 

  • Nathan Heldt 
  • Lauren Waldenberg 
  • Alexandra Kress
  • Elly Usik
  • Laura Steppal
  • Morgan Nix 
  • Mike Everts 

Screenshot of homepage of booklet created by Architecture Studens

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