WRIT 371 (MSU Digital Rhetorics) Fall 2016:  Digital Ivan Doig Archival Project

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This group assignment asked students to create a webtext (i.e., a related archive, an analytic or interpretive tool to engage part of the collection, a remix, an exhibit) that engages others digitally in the Ivan Doig Collection and allows students to participate in emerging digital conversations about the collection. More generally, students worked with the paper and digital archives, explore where digital rhetorics and humanities merge, and create a collaboratively designed project. 


Screenshot of Ivan Doig in Butte, MT student project.

Ivan Doig in Butte, Montana

This project aims to gather Doig’s Butte research – specifically what was used in the book Work Song – and emphasizes the amount of work and research that he put into his novel.

Screenshot of Ivan Doig found poetry student project.

Ivan Doig Poetry Musings

Our project is a compilation of poetry representative of the fragmented, left-behind, never published words in Ivan Doig’s archive found in his handwritten notepads, eclectic note cards, and diaries - in order to shed light on the poetic nature of Ivan Doig’s musings.

Screenshot of Ivan Doig creative process student project.

Ivan Doig's Creative Process for Last Bus to Wisdom

An analysis of Ivan Doig's creative process as it pertains to his final novel Last Bus to Wisdom.

Screenshot of Scotland photo tour student project.

Ivan Doig, Scotland Photo Tour

A geographic visual representation of the Scottish photos selected from the Ivan Doig digital archive at MSU.



Screenshot of Ivan Doig Archive map student project.

Ivan Doig Archive Map

A visual representation of locations of many of the images in the Ivan Doig Archive.