Digital Scholarship

The MSU Library will develop software applications that can help students and researchers apply digital scholarship methods to analyze the corpus of text and to create innovative visualizations using content from the Ivan Doig Archive. 

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Ivan Doig reading a map.

Curating an Interactive Experience

Beyond photographs, many other features of the Archive will be explorable in relation to the locations in which they were generated or that they correspond with.

Dupuyer Creek

Sounds of the Ivan Doig Archive

A collaborative project with the MSU Library's Acoustic Atlas, a growing collection of sounds of Montana and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Photo of an old, collapsing homestead.

Semantically-Rich Data Set

With the appropriate tools and data sets, humanities scholars can query, anlayze, and visualize enormous corpora of information that have properly been enabled as machine-readable data sets.  

Julia Short playing the accordion

The History of Weather in Doig Country

A collaborative project between the Montana History Foundation and the MSU Library's Acoustic Atlas.