Image of a newspaper that Ivan used to conduct research. 

The general research collection of the Ivan Doig Archive contains research materials that represent a wide range of Doig’s interests and were gathered with no specific writing projects in mind. Doig's research performed for individual books can be found in the manuscript collection and is gathered under the particular title of the publication.




Featured Research


Clipping of piece of paper that includes notes Ivan conducted about a man named Charles Hooper.Charles Hooper: Writing Letters to Editors

While working on a magazine assignment in 1972, Ivan Doig conducted research about the life of an Idaho man named Charles Hooper, whose sole occupation appeared to be penning letters to editors from newspapers all around the country. In this folder, Doig collects everything from newspaper article clippings to obituaries of Mr. Hooper's relatives.  




A newspaper clipping containing an article about Chet Huntley.

Chet Huntley

In 1999, Ivan Doig was chosen by the University of Washington magazine as one "100 Alumni of the Century". Also on that list, as Ivan describes it "were two sons of Montana. There, you bet, was Chet Huntley...". This folder contains Doig's speech for this honor as well as clippings about Huntley.